Luxury Lighting Design for Your Home

If you only had one option to renovate your living space to express your personality, then high-end lighting designs are that perfect opportunity. There are many different lighting design styles and methods that can be enhanced by high end features and turned into not only something luxurious, but also something artistic. There is a world of designs, shapes and period styles that you can call on when you decide to engage in a luxury lighting design project.

Bespoke Lighting Fixtures Are a Must

Bespoke lighting fixtures are unlike anything you have ever seen before, which is the exact reason why they are created. Bespoke fixtures are created by artists who are as interested in style as they are in quality. A custom fixture can take something simple like a mason jar and turn it into a piece of lighting art for your home. Or commission a piece of neon wall art for the bedroom, study room or bar area.

A bespoke lighting design system is also a great way to get a different view on lighting layouts. The flexible and unconstrained approach of custom design allows it to combine the highest quality work and materials with your specific ideas and way of living.

Pendant Lighting

No matter what kind of lighting design you choose, pendant lighting can accent and enhance the final effect and make a room look elegant. Pendant lighting is a type of lighting that offers small light sources that are hung down from a ceiling or wall fixture. These pendants may be grouped together to create an intense lighting effect, or used sporadically to create pockets of interest and contrasting shadows. They can be used to light an entire room, but they are more effective at accenting a particular area of a room.

The idea of being able to control your lighting is one important element of a luxury design. Pendant lighting allows you to control which areas of the room get light and they can also determine the intensity of the light as well. Pendants made of real crystal or designer glass can illuminate a room in ways that no other fixture can.

Consider Indirect Lighting

When you see lights that are illuminating a room by pointing away from the center of the room, then you are looking at indirect lighting. There is something special about indirect lighting that gives one the feel of a gallery or museum, bringing a sense of prestige to any home.

To get an effective indirect lighting effect, you may need to remodel a room and add ways for the light to reflect off walls and illuminate the particular areas or objects you desire. When the full design is completed, indirect lighting offers a soft and elegant way to light a room that adds an air of sophistication.

Utilize an Interior Designer

Anyone who is not familiar with lighting design may be surprised to see just how many luxury lighting design options exist. Which one of these high-end configurations is right for your home? That decision is one that should be made in conjunction with an experienced interior designer.

An interior designer will also understand how important it is to maintain the relationship between your fancy lighting design and the other decor elements in your home. Even if you know nothing about lighting design, you can tell right away when the wrong lighting configuration has been used in a room, but you may not know how to change light positions and forms to get the best one.

Animated Lighting

Lighting that has an animated element to it is becoming very popular, especially with luxury designs. In most cases, the animated part of the lighting system moves very slowly and is there only for effect. But a crystal chandelier that slowly spins can add a hypnotic effect to any room.

The key to animated lighting is to incorporate it into your top-end design without it becoming excessive and making your home look like a nightclub. But you would be surprised at what a professional interior designer can do with animated lighting in a home, adding a very elegant touch. Some of the equipment may be usually seen on stage or in clubs, but used properly the final effects are soft and impressive.

Luxury lighting systems for inside and outside your home will show off your home's best features and become important elements in the ambiance of your home. When top quality lighting designs are done properly, they create a world all of their own that makes your home feel special. Begin your project by consulting with a professional interior designer and plan on turning your home into a palace with the help of a deluxe lighting system.