Luxury Home Remodelling

Any renovation to a luxury home must include quality products in order to achieve an elegant finish. Bespoke fixtures and furniture helps add to the distinctness of a space. Using the services of an architect or an interior designer will also help achieve a luxurious re-envisioning of a home. This website explores tips and guidelines on how to remodel a luxury home.

Create a Theme

A well-designed luxury home progresses from one space to another. There is a logical flow throughout the home, with each room and space having a clearly defined function. Indoor spaces open seamlessly into outdoor spaces, such as a garden or patio. Choosing a theme or common style for the entire house is a great way to maintain a lavish feel throughout the property. A modern design has simple lines and contemporary materials, while a heritage style incorporates period features and more traditional materials such as wood. Whether a decision is made to create a rustic country feel, a futuristic design or an affluent Victorian home, the entire house should embrace a cohesive style that exudes luxury.

Design an Upscale Kitchen

In the kitchen, an upscale look can be achieved with top stainless steel appliances, marble or granite countertops and bespoke features. The idea is to create a new kitchen that offers convenient extras, an easy-to-use and function space, and a sophisticated look. The new kitchen should be attractive yet practical, particularly for hosting guests and large dinners. In addition to incorporating a generously-sized island with ample work space, bespoke cabinets are a great way to infuse unique design elements. Having the tools to serve a rich cappuccino, a perfectly chilled glass of wine or delicious smoothies create a sense of opulence. Added luxuries might include a wine cooler, a high-end coffee machine and juicer, refrigerated drawers and a trash compactor.

Introduce Art

Introducing art work to a space as part of a remodelling project is a good way to add a touch of class and extravagance, for example a painting or a sculpture. Whether a contemporary or a period piece is selected, eye-catching artwork that complements a room provides an attractive focal point. In addition to being an exquisite addition to a room, art also helps stimulate conversation when hosting friends and family. Choose art that blends well with the look and feel of a room. For a contemporary space, both period and modern art can work depending on the piece. To create a balanced look that draws attention to the art work, simple or white walls showcases artwork with great success. Also, selecting similar artwork for various rooms helps create a flow throughout the house and a sense that you are in a high-end gallery. Consulting an interior designer will help ensure that any artwork is complimentary rather than a distraction or an eye-sore.

Create Contrasting Textures

A great way to add luxury is to create contrasts. This can be achieved by using different textures, which might include plastered or smooth walls with a glossy, rich timber floor. Other ways to introduce different tactile experiences in a space include having velvet fabric on furniture, such as upholstered beds or embroidered accessories such as a cushion. In addition to tactile textures, contrasts can be created with visual elements. For example, using fixtures that have a sparkle or shading in artwork. Textures can also be created a stone feature wall, particularly around a large fireplace, contrasted with smooth painted walls or with bespoke wood furniture that features natural contouring and shading. Even high-end wallpaper can help create contrasts.

Seek Advice from a Professional

A professional architect or interior designer helps create an effective layout, from placing fixtures and furniture to designing bespoke cabinets for a specific space. With their experience and knowledge of leading design trends, an interior designer or architect will help create a customised transformation that is both stylish and personal. Skilled bathroom and kitchen fitters can also design a functional and attractive space with high-quality materials and appliances, as well as bespoke furniture and features that create a luxurious space. Getting help with a remodelling project will assist homeowners in developing their ideas into successful realities. Perspectives from an architect or an interior designer, or even an experienced builder, will ensure a project maintains the opulent feel of the home and the highest standards of luxury design and quality workmanship.