High End, Luxury Garage Conversions and Remodeling

When you think about converting unused space to living space, one of the first areas you may consider is your garage. You usually initially intend the garage as a place to safely house your cars, but it doesn't always work out that way. The garage becomes your workshop, your storage area, and sometimes simply a wide-open space that is just not being utilized. In those circumstances a good high-end garage conversion project may be in order and it can be well worth the investment.

Consider a Bespoke Conversion

A good bespoke garage conversion contractor will be able to present you with many great ideas on how to use your space. By having your conversion custom done you have better control over ensuring the materials are of the highest quality and the build standard and methods are dependable. The best part about a bespoke conversion is that nothing is off limits. The entire process is a custom build and it gives you complete freedom to turn your garage into what is just right for you.

A Planned Layout Can Help

The average homeowner wants their garage to be many things at the same time. A garage can be a workshop, storage area, man cave, and an area to protect a vintage vehicle. Believe it or not, your garage can in fact serve all of those purposes at once if you take the time to plan it out properly.

Before you get involved with your high-end remodeling project, sit down and map out what you want and consider how to swap spaces around to get the most out of your finished garage. Remember that you have an area above the main floor that can be converted into a living area as well. Your garage is extremely versatile and all it takes is a little planning to bring out all of its potential.

Remodeling the Outside is Not a Requirement

One of the best parts about a special garage remodeling project is that the end results can be subtle and still be effective. You can invest all of your time and money into remodeling the interior of your garage and not even worry about doing anything to the exterior.

To many people, the appeal of a garage conversion project is maintaining the garage's external look. When you start planning your luxury renovation, you could consider retaining the look of a garage and keep your conversion your little secret.

Two Floors or One?

If your garage has a pitched roof, then it also has a high ceiling. Most garages do not have insulated ceilings and roofs, so that leaves your high-end conversion wide open to explore some interesting options. Should you go with one large space, or should you break it up into a lower floor and an upper floor?

In the end, the decision should depend on what you need. If you want a lot of extra living space in your garage, then you should create a conversion with two floors. If you are looking to make one big and impressive room, then use those cathedral ceilings to your advantage and create a huge space.

Let a Contractor Handle the Dirty Work

Behind every garage conversion is the need for electrical work, plumbing, insulation, and other important features. If this work is not done properly, then your luxury conversion project is either not going to end up with the look you were hoping for or will be the cause of problems for years to come.

Your high-end garage remodeling project should begin with a consultation with a contractor. The project will more than likely require local zoning permits to be done legally and a good contractor will know how to take care of those details. As for the other behind-the-scenes work required for a successful conversion, it is always best to have that work done by a skilled professional.

Think Outside The Box

Sometimes a top-end garage conversion project allows you to have things that you cannot have in your home. For example, you may not have the space in your home for an 80-inch flat screen television. But your converted luxury garage has an entire wall just waiting for your new lavish television. When you plan your luxury conversion, never stop and think that something does not belong in a garage. It is your conversion project and you should be able to include whatever you want.

A deluxe garage remodeling can help create the extra living space that you have always wanted. Whether you are looking for a man cave or an apartment for a relative to use, a luxury garage conversion is a great idea.