High End, Luxury Exterior Paint Work

It will always be a struggle to give a luxury look to the exterior of your home when you use vinyl siding, but making use of wood cedar shingles and a luxury exterior paint job can create an effect that will make your home stand out. A project painting the exterior of a home with a luxury paint job requires several considerations and an understanding of what paints to use. If you want a luxury exterior paint job to look professional and be done properly, then hire a professional painter. Once you have your painter in place, it is time to plan your painting project.

Use Environmentally-Friendly Paints

A luxurious exterior paint job should be as concerned with the environment as it is with a great appearance. Always use exterior paint that is lead-free and consider using paints with natural ingredients that do not give off chemical fumes into the air. These environmentally-friendly paints come in a wide variety of colors and can give your home a finish that will last for years.

The Prep Work is Critical

Your painting contractor will earn their money just in the prep work alone for a luxurious exterior paint project. The prep work includes getting rid of as much of the old paint as possible and then prepares the surface of your house for the new paint. A professional knows that even two coats of a good exterior paint covers very little in the way of cosmetic blemishes on a home. If you want a truly outstanding look, then the prep work needs to be comprehensive.

Luxury Exterior Paint Projects Require an Investment

The worst thing you can do with your prestige exterior painting project is to try and cut corners by using paint that is not up to the standard required. Not only is premium exterior painting going to make your home look amazing, but it also protects the building from the weather as well. It is important to be prepared to invest in the most premium paints for your project to make sure that you get the best possible results.

Bespoke Colors

When undertaking a luxury exterior painting project, the primary color you are using is critical to the overall effect you want to realize. Bespoke colors can be created to match any shade or tone you desire and they can be created using the highest quality paints available.

It is important to remember that the two most important elements of a bespoke project are quality and character. The exterior paint you get when you go with a bespoke color should be top quality if you want it to develop into the right color and stand the test of time, in order to give your home character and impact.

A Primer Coat is Essential

Once again, in a luxury exterior paint job, there is no such thing as cutting corners. A high-end exterior painting project aims to ensure a great appearance by using tested materials and techniques. In order to get the exact look you want, it is necessary to use a primer coat before putting on the main coat of exterior paint.

A really good primer will help to fill in the uneven notches and cracks that occur in wood siding that you often cannot see. Professionals rely on primer to create a weatherproof exterior to the home that will better accept high quality paint, protect the home for many years, and create a desirable result.

Attention to Detail

In a premium exterior painting project, attention to detail is critical. For example the gutters should be painted the same color as the overhang. The same goes for all of the external components on the exterior of the home. The most essential characteristic of a good exterior paint job is the attention to detail that creates sharp features and a clean result.

A luxury exterior paint job is something that takes time to plan and a professional to pull off properly. When the project is complete, your home will have an external appearance that you can be proud of. A high-end exterior painting project improves the curb appeal of your home and increases your home's value. If you want your home to look its very best at all times, then invest in the materials and expert craftsmanship that categorize luxury exterior painting.