Custom Basement Design and Remodeling

A lot of planning and effort goes into creating a luxury basement design and much of it has to do with experienced building contractors and custom-built components. While usually most basements start off the same, with imagination, creative flexibility and skilled craftsmen, you can create a space worth of any high-end remodeling project. To maximize the potential of your wide-open basement space, there are several important things to consider.

Bespoke is Critically Important

The bespoke touch with custom installations in your basement is important to achieve a luxurious effect. When you remodel your basement, an important consideration is maintaining access to all of the pipes and important elements of your home's systems in case there is an issue. Bespoke designs for cabinets, closets, and doors are perfect for creating the access you need while also maintaining your chosen style.

Water Control is Essential

If you invest in a luxurious basement remodeling project without first considering water control issues, then all of your investment could be washed away the first time the spring rains fall. You need to know how far below the water table your basement lies and you also need to understand the grading around your basement.

A properly-designed basement has grading that takes water away from the home to prevent basement flooding. A professional contractor can review your water control needs and install a system that will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of a high-end basement remodeling project.

A Theme Makes the Project Easier

When you are considering a high-end basement design, it can seem like a daunting process. All of that empty space ca make you feel like you have to wrack your mind for ideas to fill it. If you instead choose and stick with a theme for your basement project, then you can work from that beginning to create a synthesised final look and purpose.

With a bespoke basement design, your theme needs to be very specific. For example, simply saying that you want to put a bar in your basement is not going to help you create the ambiance that a high-end design achieves. But when you say that you want your basement to look like an English pub, then you can bring in all the unique and distinctive elements you need to really create a beautiful space.

Consider Real Wood Floors

A basement, by its very nature, tends to be a dark place. You can add windows to your basement, but the effects of natural light will be limited, especially as the sun moves across the sky. But you can use that lack of natural light to your advantage and create a high-end look and feel that will enhance your basement design.

Hardwood floors tend to reflect light in ways that create very decorative and unique looks. Overhead lighting in your basement would be the perfect complement to a bamboo or cherry wood floor, especially if you decide to make your walls a lighter color. When you make full use of the open design elements your basement gives you, then it becomes easier to create a luxurious look.

Vaulted Ceilings Add Luxury

Vaulted ceilings, or ceilings that have multiple layers as they reach to the top of a room, can make your finished basement feel very open and add a dignified gravitas to the design as well. By adding multiple layers of recessed and indirect lighting to a vaulted basement ceilings, you can create an opulent look to the room that will enhance all of your decorative elements.

Heating and Cooling

Proper heating and cooling are absolutely essential, and should be planned in advance. Basements will have much less access to natural air flow than the rest of the house -most will be windowless by default. The most common solution is to integrate the basement into the house-wide central heating and cooling system, while in some cases alternatives such as through-the-wall air conditioning may be available.

We recommend seeking professional advice on your heating and aircon options, and priortizing this part of your planning.

Use High End Materials

Instead of putting a wooden countertop on your basement bar, consider installing a real marble top instead. Real granite tiles for the basement floor will have a distinctive appearance and last longer than imitation tiles. A basement is normally a secondary room filled with the cast-offs from the rest of the house. An insistence on utilizing real materials will lend a feeling of luxury to the design that will make your basement a cut above.

Working in a basement can be tricky, especially when your goal is to create a high-end appearance. You should hire an experienced contractor to work on your basement design and listen to the suggestions that the contractor makes. A good contractor will understand the challenges that come with remodeling a basement and they will know how to get the best look for your design theme. When it is time to add a strong element of sophistication to your basement, then it is time to hire an experienced professional.