High End, Luxury Kitchen Design and Remodeling

To many homeowners, their kitchen is one of the primary display areas of their home. When homeowners want to increase the value of their home or just enhance the enjoyment of living in it, one of the first rooms they remodel is the kitchen. When you really want to make an impact on your home's interior, then you need to look at doing a high-end renovation project that turns your kitchen in a luxury room with high quality fixtures and fittings.

The Bespoke Touch

Few things exemplify luxury in a kitchen more than bespoke elements. Hand-crafted furniture and cabinets made by an experienced craftsman can add value and beauty to your kitchen. Bespoke craftsmen use the highest quality materials and always offer the most unique options for any kitchen.

If you have an idea for custom cabinets for your kitchen, then have a long talk with a bespoke craftsman and outline exactly what your needs are, as well as the look you want. Not only will the bespoke touch add convenience to your kitchen, it will also create durable elements that will last for a very long time.


In any kitchen, lighting is a key element. In a high-end kitchen remodeling project, lighting designs are done to satisfy functional needs of the room. For example, pendant lighting may be used over the sink and counter top area to illuminate just the work area. A decorative chandelier may be used to illuminate a breakfast nook or general eating area.

When you aspire to having a truly luxurious kitchen, flicking a switch and turning on a single light is not going to create the right effect. You need to have a lighting system designed to accent the highlights in your kitchen and act as a complete, functional system for utilizing all of the different elements of the room.

Hardwood Floors

Kitchen flooring trends have seen a shift over the past few years from tile to hardwood floors. One of the reasons that more people are outfitting their kitchens with look of wooden floors is the durability and low cost of laminate replicas. But in a lavish remodeling project, laminate is not going to make the grade. Genuine hardwood is ideal for a luxury kitchen renovation to give a very warm and unique look.

One of the hardwoods that is growing in popularity is bamboo. It is durable and has several different looks available. One of the reasons bamboo is so fashionable is because the natural grain is very pronounced and extremely decorative. When it comes to luxury flooring, bamboo is an environmentally safe and aesthetically pleasing option.

Brass In The Kitchen

Real stainless steel fixtures are still part of a high-end kitchen design, but stainless steel is starting to make way for real brass fixtures. Authentic brass fixtures are proving to be just as durable as stainless steel and add a very colorful look to any kitchen. The look of brass can change as the lighting changes in the kitchen throughout the day and that adds a dynamic element to a kitchen.

On An Island

Even in the era of wide-open floor plans, modern kitchens of a grand scale do not seem complete without islands that have running water and a real stone top. Your kitchen island should have enough counter space to act as an effective work area, and there should be plenty of cabinet storage below the counter top as well.

The island of a luxury kitchen is a great place for a bespoke piece. An exceptional kitchen design often utilizes the island as a functional area and a place to make a stylistic statement. There is no better way to make a visual impact and get a quality, hand-crafted piece than to rely on a bespoke craftsman for your kitchen island.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Brass may be the metal of choice for luxury kitchen fixtures, but stainless steel remains the preference for appliances. A stainless steel stove, refrigerator, and dish washer add a feel of both strength and sleek beauty to any kitchen. Not only are these appliances durable, but they also have a look that is unmistakably high-end.

Your kitchen remodeling project will be one of the most important renovations you will ever do in your home. If you want to get the most out of your renovation, then you need to create a kitchen that is both easy to use and luxurious in design. By installing high-end and custom pieces into your kitchen, you will create a room that will quickly become the center of attention in your home.